Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teacher gifts

After so many years of giving teachers gifts for Christmas, I decided to give them what they need for class. They spend so much of their own money to make their classes incredible for the children that it was fun to help stock the classroom and make it colorful at the same time! Is it as pretty as a beautiful bagged gift basket of lotions and chocolates? No, but we can make it cute anyway! We made these supply boxes for Dallin and Bradley's teachers. Dallin has a female teacher this year and Bradley has a male. This box is for Bradley's teacher Mr. Cutler. Walmart only had one floss container but I got everything for his teacher. I found all of this stuff at Walmart and the Dollar Tree. The larger openings my hubby made for me. He used a box cutter to cut out the divider between 2 to make room for larger items. I am sooo loving this! Items in rows: Top row: Band-aids and large magnetic clips, binder clips, and hand sanatizer 2nd row: tiny stapler, clips, and pushpins 3rd row: more push pins, clips, paper clips 4th row: colored staples, safety pins in several sizes, pencil sharpener, tiny clothes pins (simply because they were cute *Ü*) and more binder clips. The empty boxes are for gum, candies and treats that match of course!! I thought I would tie a blue and green bow on top of male one, but for the female teacher I think I might modge podge paper to the top of the lid and put her name on it. Not sure yet!! Merry Christmas!


Mama Rachel

This is sooo cute, Tylynn! You are so creative. And the best thing about this gift, is that it is so useful! I love the color coordination.

Life in Rehab

Hi Tylynn, I hope you get this. I wanted to answer your question about the homemade mod podge on my site, but your email through the comments comes up as "no-reply." There's a link to instructions to fix that in the news section under my header. You must wonder why no one ever answers your questions!

The decoupage medium dries to a satin finish. and it really does work. If I want it glossy, I just hit the project with a little spray sealer. And it's soooo much cheaper.

You have a really cute start to a blog here; hang in there, and don't give up!


Oh my gosh - Are you serious - pouring english toffee over popcorn? What a genius idea. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Next time, I am going to have to try it!! I love "gourmet" popcorn recipes. I have an amazing one I am posting tomorrow!


I swear I just typed my comment here, but I came back and it was gone? So, if you end up getting this twice I am sorry. I wanted to tell you that pouring English Toffee over popcorn is a genius idea!!! I am going to have to try it! I love "gourmet" popcorn recipes! I am posting one of my favorites tomorrow!

Karen from Sew Many Ways...

Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the our "back to school" outfits. Lol
I wanted to let you know your blog comments are set to "No Reply", which means there isn't an email address attached to your blog account. If you ever want to change that, there is a tutorial on my right side bar labeled "are you a no reply".
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