Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas quilts

I can finally post pictures of the projects that have been taking alot of my time. I made 3 good sized pieced quilts for gifts this year. I made my Mom and Dad each one. My Moms I used a Moda honey bun in the prints form the Aviary line. There are light greens, blues and pinks. I didn't follow a pattern just sewed all of the pieces from the honey bun together end to end in a strip. I then started sewing them together long ways till I had my width. It was time consuming but alot of fun! I got to use a professional long armed machine to quilt all of the quilts. My new Mother in Law Carole has the machine. When we went to Cheyenne for Thanksgiving, we spent time quilting the 3 quilts. I did them all myself and had a ball!!! This is what the machine looks like although it wasn't computerized. The stand and rollers with the machine take up a whole bedroom! I did a rose pattern in Mom's. My Dad's I used a Moda jelly roll in dark tones. I followed a pattern in a book called "stacked coins". It was also fun and so easy with the strips already cut for you. I have a hard time picking fabric out unless it is in a "line" all together because I am so color anal when it comes to fabric or paper. So it is so easy to have someone else put the fabrics together and they are amazing! The pattern we quilted on Dad's was a wave. It turned out to be my favorite. I love the dark colors. The 3rd quilt was for my very good friend Lonni. She has been such a great friend and confidant to me and wanted her to know how much she means to me. She has been through some rough times lately and I thought she could use something special for herself. I drew out the pattern and went for it! The fabric I used was bright pink, green and white. I got the fabric from Quilts Ect. I don't know what the lines name is... When we quilted Lonni's I wanted to try my hand at free hand quilting on the machine. So Carole showed me a loopy type pattern to freehand. As I was quilting it, I noticed that the loops looked like a cursive L for Lonni. I was thrilled! So at the bottom of the quilt, we sewed "Lonni" into the quilt. It was so cool! I had so much fun making these that I want to make small quilts for the couch for the different holidays. I have a Moda turnover (triangles) in the fabric line of Figgy Pudding that will be my Christmas quilt for the couch, but it will wait to be for next year. For Valentines Day I have a Moda "Candy Kisses" charm pack. I think this will be my first to work on and hopefully get it done for this year!


Patrese Taylor

Boy you are ambtious (maegan's spelling). You did an amazing job on these quilts. Thank you for your great talents. You are awesome.

The Harwood Family

Oh! I love that fabric you used to make Lonni's quilt... I don't know what it's called either but I bought some to make Macie a dress out of it! I really like both your mom and dad's quilts too, I love the colors in your moms.

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