Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Blog...

I have wanted to start a blog with pictures and ideas of some fun craft ideas, but didn't want to have it with my family blog. Then I can have cute pink backgrounds! I actually made one quite a few months ago but never did anything with it and now it won't let me in to my own blog! duh... I love to make fun new ideas and I love sharing them. I will now try and keep record of where I found the pictures and ideas and even link sometimes, but I haven't kept track so far. This first project I made the other day for my Taters. He loves to watch the big boys play Guitar Hero. Now he can pretend with them. I drew the guitar freehand and it is in no way shape of form perfect, but works. My inspiration was from an email Patrese sent me with some cute little guitars. I loved them but wanted it a little bigger. I cut out the pattern and traced it on fabric. I cut a top and a bottom at the same time. Next I ironed wonder under onto the fabric scraps that I was using for the circles, rectangles and lines on the neck on the guitar. After ironing the WU (wonder under) I traced the shaped onto the paper part of the WU and cut them out and ironed them on. I stitched with a decorative stitch around the shapes to keep it them stuck down. Then I drew with a pencil the lines that will be the strings of the guitar. I used a regular straight stitch to sew the lines. After the sewing is done, I sewed buttons onto the head. I then put the right sides together and pinned it together. I sewed it together leaving an opening to turn it inside out at the bottom of the guitar. I turned it inside out and began the stuffing. It was hard to get the neck stuffed enough that it would stand up straight. I ended up putting a stick in it to keep the neck straight up. Now I know why they made it smaller in the picture. There are a few things that I would do differently but I am happy with it. I would def. make it smaller and the neck shorter to the body of the guitar. Mmmm clear as mud?


Mama Rachel

What a great idea, Ty! (The blog AND the guitar!) I'm excited to see all the things you create, you crafty-girl, you! :-)


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